Rhyming words

Floating in separate dreams

A stolen kiss,

a spring I miss

A broken heart,

a foolish start…

A love that’s gone,

an only one…

An always never,

wished forever…

A dream to be

he could not see…


in separate dreams,

ignoring heart


waiting for time

to accomplish

its rhyme





Young Johnny 

Down from a cloud

the young man fell

Mary the fairy

had cast a spell

He was now bound

to marry Jane

This made young Johnny

Quite insane.

I took the train

the wedding stopped

Johnny relieved

drank wine and laughed…

Jane was quite a difficult lady

so I understand poor young Johnny

On a shore

I live on a shore

Have all but want more

Sand tastes like pie

I scream and I cry…

Waves come and go

I hate all this flow…

I’d like to float

Far on a boat

I’d like to rest

inside a nest

I’d love to swim

inside a dream…


Cherries and fairies

Silly fairies

eating cherries

spoke to bees

about the trees.

Candy shops

were closed that day

Trees were sleeping

sky was gray…

Magic potions

served on flowers

gave the guests

strong magic powers…




I want a world of trees and fairies
Of magic, love and chocolate cherries.
A land of sun and warmth and colours
Where birds have homes inside the flowers.

A world where rabbits dance with whales
And squirrels sing and speak in tales.
I fly on dragons and swans wings
While little birds prepare some drinks.

I’m wearing dresses made of dreams
I’ll never miss my boring jeans.
Exquisite scents filling the air
And gleaming colours in my hair.

In here, time is always friend
It’s never lost, can always bend
In here kissing tastes like wind
It’s frost and fire, chocolate mint



Fairy’s wish

I found a fairy inside a well

Said she had a wish before she fell

I asked her: really? what was your wish?

She said: truly? to eat some fish!

(Well honestly? What kind of fairy is that?)







Tulips unfold

their petals of silk

In red and white

and purple they sink

Yawning and stretching

they call the sun

Spring is their friend

now winter is gone

Branches above

are green and strong

Colorful birds

are drafting a song.




Fairy nights
My fairies bring their lights and love inside my heart…
I wait for them, I long for them, their kindness is pure art..
Small fairies wearing silk and sun and flowers
And graceful elves who live their lives in towers.
They smell delicious and their voices are sweet song
I know with them that nothing can go wrong.
They talk of times when people lived a thousand years
They think nice thoughts for all those who will hear…

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