Words of travel


-in Belgium

-1 hour from Brussels by


-wonderful fairytale like


-beautiful buildings

-many chocolate shops

-chocolate museum

-lovely canals

-boat trips

-beer museum

-close to Ostend, a lovely city by the sea






  • Lovely mountain city in Romania
  • Beautiful city centre

  • great view from Tâmpa mountain:

  • a lot of nature around:

  • charming little shops

  • nice restaurants


-splendid park complex in Bayreuth, Germany

-a lot of trees and flowers, a lot of green

-beautiful fountains and a stunning palace

-magical lakes-I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few fairies dancing there…too

this is me trying to find the fairies

 -interesting statues


BAYREUTH itself is a very beautiful city too








-Bavaria – Germany

– beautiful Old Town

-wonderful buildings, streets and views

-good ice cream

-nice coffee, delicious cakes

-lovely hotel: Novina Hotel Tillypark-comfortable, very cozy stay here and a really good breakfast

– interesting statues throughout the city and in the hotel 





A really nice city in Thuringia- Germany, with lovely streets and buildings and a wonderful castle.

I visited it last summer, in 2022, on a short trip and I can say I would love to go back there one day.

               The city center is colorful and full of life, with nice shops and cozy restaurants serving good food.

I ate a very tasty kind of baked potato with a sort of white sauce and…some green stuff. I really don’t remember the name, Kartoffel something…but it really was tasty. The Kartoffel something was followed of course by a desert and my choice was every time a delicious chocolate cake.

The place had a touristic, happy vibe and it looked great both during the day but especially at night when the lights made it look magical and romantic.

The Altenburg medieval castle is located on a hill above the city center.

You can take the opportunity and dance a bit on your way up the hill:

The castle used to be the residence of a ducal family. The beautiful architecture of the castle, the view from the tower, the little pond with colorful fish definitely make it worth paying a visit and taking a few pictures.

If you get tired of walking, visiting and climbing the tower steps, the surrounding walls are especially designed to allow you to rest and stretch.

I spent the night at the Hotel-Pension Treppengasse which was a great choice. The room was cozy, comfortable and had a really nice view of the city.

The hotel has a lovely terrace where you can have a drink while enjoying the view and the sun rays…or the shadow, whichever you may prefer.

Nature is also very present in Altenburg. I loved the big, beautiful trees in the parks and I enjoyed spending a few peaceful moments in front of the lake.


And in the end, here are the main attractions in Altenburg. I haven’t had the time to visit all of them but hopefully next time….






An absolutely wonderful trip a few years ago. One of the most beautiful places I have visited.

There are many beautiful places to see in the capital of Denmark but what I loved the most was Nyhavn with its wonderfully colored buildings and the lovely canal wooden ships .

It’s also in Nyhavn that I have eaten the most delicious waffles.

The canal cruise was also a great idea. It was really nice to enjoy the view from the comfortable seats of a boat while the tour guide presented the history of the places we were seeing in a entertaining funny way.

The National Aquarium of Denmark is another attraction not to be missed and a fun way of spending time.

Just a few days in Copenhagen are definitely not enough so I hope that I’ll have the chance to plan another trip there soon. And maybe I’ll include on the list other lovely places in Denmark.

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